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Welcome to Better! Acupuncture Health Care LLC, we are open and is ready to serve you with your health needs. 
As we continue to grow and expand our services, Better! will be processing insurance and offering a 20% discount of  our services if you are paying for treatments without insurance. 
Insurance is often tricky when it comes to acupuncture- if you have questions, contact me at, If you want to find out if your insurance allows acupuncture benefits, fill in this form, it is secure and will automatically go to my billing agent. She will process everything we need to know concerning insurance.  
The form to find out if your insurance will cover acupuncture for your condition is

By June of 2024, Better! Health Equity, a nonprofit, will be opening which will offer additional ways for people to afford acupuncture. Sometimes the people who need acupuncture the most can't manage the costs. We are committed to changing that for the elderly, disenfranchised, veterans, and for everyone who needs this service and can't afford it's bougie price! Stay tuned!! 



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Welcome to Better! Acupuncture Health Care LLC. 

I'm Rhonda, I live in and have my private acupuncture practice the community of Lauraville/Hamilton. 

I graduated in 1999 from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute , which later became Tai Sophia then MUIH. I have served thousands of people over the years while I owned About Chi Acupuncture in Fells Point, taught/supervised at Tai Sophia and worked at Penn North Recovery Center in West Baltimore. 

Life post-covid is complicated and Better! Acupuncture is a safe space for any person who wants to heal. 

We will work together to address your medical conditions, manage daily stressors and prevent future dis-eases by staying well. I can advise you in simple lifestyle changes, herbal formulas and practices that will support the changes you want to see. I completed my clinical Doctoral work at the University of Maryland's Kaufman Cancer Center-working with patients as they dance the diagnosis of cancer. Supporting oncology patients is a mission of Better! Acupuncture Health Care.    

During our partnership I promise to provide a listening as we plan and develop the path to reach your goals.  Honoring and acknowledging  you each step along the way. 


  • Achieve optimal health and balance when well

  • Balance the changing landscape during menopause and all phases of a woman's cycle

  • Battle addictions- sugar, caffeine, alcohol, opioids, stimulants, and marijuana. 

  • Change the progression of chronic diseases of all types
  • Counteract the ill effects of cancer treatments

  • Enhance fertility and have babies

  • Eliminate facial wrinkles naturally and without poisons

  • Have less pain and use fewer opioids

  • Heal injuries faster- both sports and trauma

  • Prepare for surgery and heal better after surgery

  • Regulate everything

  • Take back control and slow the progression of Parkinson's Disease

  • Transition out of depression and ease anxiety

Acupuncture Can BETTER!

Any Condition of the Body | Mind | Spirit

When I am not working at Better! I am working in West Baltimore at Penn North Recovery using acupuncture to help with addictions and trauma. I am  opening a non-profit to provide holistic care to people who typically don't have access to it; elderly, disabled, addicted and disenfranchised. Better! Health Equity will open by June 2024 


Better! Acupuncture Health Care will be accepting several insurance plans. Carefirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna,  Johns Hopkins EHP,  and Optum for Community Care for the VA. However, we need to find out the list of conditions that your insurance will cover- they typically cover only a small list of  conditions. so fill out the form at  Our biller Laura will contact you as soon as she communicates with your insurance carrier. If your insurance isn't listed, then you can pay out of pocket and submit the receipt to your insurance for POSSIBLE reimbursement. 

1 on 1 Full Body Acupuncture
Community Acupuncture

Traditional Full Body Private acupuncture is the best choice for people who want highly specialized individualized acupuncture. It is also the best choice for people with complicated medical conditions. Full Body allows the acupuncturist to access any point on the body, If you have insurance that covers acupuncture it is expected that you will be getting 1 on 1 Full Body Acupuncture treatments. Insurance covers acupuncture if you have a qualifying medical condition, normally they require pain.


Initial treatment- $160.00 Cash/check/ card

Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal                                                              $200.00 Insurance

Follow-ups           $75.00 Cash/check/card

Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal   

                             $90.00 Insurance

You can always call or email for appointments, if you have difficulty with scheduling with this website-

Only available by appt

Community Acupuncture at Better! can be either group auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture)  or group traditional community acupuncture with access to the arms/hands, legs/feet and head/ears. The beauty of Community Acupuncture at Better is that you can get more treatment for the price of one full body acupuncture treatments. Sometimes quantity is more important than the specialized treatments of private acupuncture. This is especially true with chronic conditions, sleep issues, addictions and stress related conditions. 

At Better! you can always switch it up! Get full body for treatments that you need access to your torso and then fill in the rest with Community! 

Try it on/Relaxing Acu-treatment

Sometimes you just need to chill. You could take an hour to try an ultra relaxing, melt your legs to jello, chill your stress, get happy, delicious treatment. This is a treatment to reduce the effects of toxic superficial energy and create an easier pathway for you to sleep and have an easier time being easy.  You will get acupuncture, moxibustion, and reflexology. 

Super-Acuchill-treatment $150

One hour

Therapeutic Touch/ Acupuncture 

Sometimes a person needs a little more care for a condition without the commitment of ongoing appointments, or sometimes a client needs some additional physical work along with their acupuncture. This 1.5 hour appointment uses both clearing acupuncture with massage and shiatsu techniques to move energy, to clear energy and to feel immediate relief. The massage is done using special Chinese Herbal Creams that reduce inflammation and reduce pain as your acupuncture meridians are cleared and your energy is balanced.  



For group events for schools, businesses, parties, non-profits, support groups and Better! can provide a practitioner to come to you and give your group auricular acupuncture for relaxation, focus and zen! We can treat up to 30 people an hour- price varies but around $75 an hour depending on how many practitioners are needed!


Let's talk about you

5404 Harford Road

Baltimore, MD 21214


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